Investment Pitchdeck And Financial Modelling

Entrepreneurs usually take heaps of risks and put a lot of effort to build a successful company. But, if they don’t have the correct resources and expertise support to grow the corporate to future level, they will not see the monetary rewards that they had envisioned. Pitch deck is a thoughtful collation of slides that define a company’s innovative business set up and growth potential. It has become a typical tool for startup founders and business leaders to showcase their company potential and bring in the appropriate pool of resources. Our pitch decks are made with capitalist perspective in mind and area unit in real time ready to grab the eye of investors from around the globe.

The models and decks developed by our team of expert professionals is not only helpful but is also a valuable database component for the clients as it consists of the following features:

Tailormade narrations Thorough business analysis Rigorous market analysis
A comprehensive monetary model Appealing design and layouts Interesting storyline and precision of presentation

Sub Services:

Impactful Pitch Deck for Investors will be built around the following salient features:

Syntelligence’s team of experts offer a thorough and insightful lens into the regulatory and compliance requirements of the financial advisory industry. Syntelligence has a major leg up as we need no introduction to the financial advisory world—we live and breathe it.

  • It uses a persuasive narrative
  • Unfold your concepts in a way that it grabs and holds the investors’ attention.
  • Extensive marketing research
  • Show the potential of your business over the next few quarters.
  • Custom style
  • Custom style and add attractive elements to showcase the business impactfully.
  • Detailed monetary Model

A comprehensive business model for quicker decision-making of investors.

Components of a startup pitch deck:

  • Introduction
  • Market downside
  • Solution
  • Growth Potential
  • Financial plan
  • Financial plan
  • Team Details

Our method:

What are the inclusions of a Financial Model?

Importance of Financial Models-

Our experienced financial team’s credible and meticulous approach and investment ready documents are trusted by investors all across the globe. The models are developed in a manner such that you can address the business drivers, propel your growth and revenues and focus on the key areas for your business. This helps in building an abstract representation of a real world financial situation.

Our process of Financial Modelling-

With decades of experience in the field of financial planning and data analysis, our team has developed a process that churns out the models that the investors prefer. The process is stated as follows:

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Choosing the right skills that are qualified and affordable at the same time is difficult. However, we offer a group of well adept and qualified professionals who offer quality accounting and bookkeeping services with their diligent efforts and in-depth industry knowledge. Our team at Syntelligence assesses your financial situation, and manage financials by following standardized procedures and systematic processes with the skill of using some of the best accounting softwares. We understand that every client’s requirements are unique and therefore, we provide personalized accounting and bookkeeping services with customizations that are tailored to fit your unique requirements.

Whether you need daily bookkeeping, virtual CFO services, or anything in between, our accounting services team will reduce the time you spend on office and accounting processes. We offer virtual services that expand with your business thereby allowing you to increase efficiencies, eliminate redundancies and save money.

We provide a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services geared towards assisting CPA Individual, single/multi partner firms and small to mid-sized companies.

Software capabilities

Our Service basket comprises of:

Whether you’re using Xero or Quickbooks, our experienced team will assist you with your software migration and implementation.

a. Setting up companies in Software
b. Transitioning from another Software

How we work:

  • Understanding your business.
  • We’ll also go over your current accounting software and the year-end financial statements you filed to company's house.
  • Assist you in deciding which software is best for your company.
  • We’ll transfer accounting data from one system to another and go over payment distributions.
  • The control accounts, such as bank receipts, payroll, will be reconciled.

Our outsourcing services are focused at helping customers with the accounting requirements and significantly reducing the operating costs of their finance department.

We maintain books in a way so as to facilitate compliance with various statutory requirements that may apply to the business environment in which our clients operate. We help clients in optimizing the efficiency and productivity of their skilled personnel by enabling them to spend more time on value-added functions such as the analysis of costs, renegotiation of vendor contracts, collection of outstanding balances and accelerating cash flows, by offering a highly flexible portfolio of accounting solutions.

Payroll is a lengthy process if you are new to it or have many employees. We know that as a business owner, you have several talents and expertise that go towards growing your business. We encourage you to focus on your strengths and let us focus on your payroll services.

Preparation of salary statements of employees, calculation of bonus payments, and administering of commissions. We offer tailor-made payroll services to firms of all sizes, and ensure that you never miss a tax compliance deadline once you outsource payroll processing / payroll administration services to Syntelligence.

  • Payroll Sheet and Paycheck Creation
  • Calculation of Federal dues (taxes) and check creation and State dues (taxes) and check creation
  • Calculation of Form 940 (quaterly) and Form 941 (annually)
  • Reporting and filing W2 and W4
  • Employee insurance deductions
  • Executive and employee benefit compensation analysis

Today every organization requires financial reporting services. Reporting and analysis have become crucial for all businesses today because financial reports are necessary to assess a company's financial performance. Organizations need to know and understand how their organization has fared during a specific financial year. Financial reports give the organization insights into how the organization has performed. An organization can find out if its performance was excellent, good, satisfactory, or poor with the help of effective reporting services.

  • Cash Flow Forecasts and Maintenance
  • Expense and overhead analysis
  • Financial Statements
    1. Compiled Financial Statements
    2. Reviewed Financial Statements
    3. Other Accounting Services
  • Financial ratio analysis, break-even analysis, NPV and IRR analysis
  • Financial Dashboards
  • Financial Strategy & Modelling

From a simple business loan to complex income statements preparation, we specialize in putting together high-quality financial reports within short turnaround times. Accounting standards are different worldwide, and changing regulations means you need a partner who is always on the top of his game when it comes to preparing your financials. Some of our key differentiators include -

  • Day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of records which help you draw financial statements at any point in time
  • Compliance with country specific statutory regulations and relevant accounting/auditing standards
  • Generation of financial reports coupled with expert analysis of financial statements
  • Error free preparation of statements ensured by stringent quality measures

If you’re operating without the guidance from a CFO, you are flying blind. With the right CFO in place, we’ll help maximize profitability while you focus on growing revenue.

We have some of the most experienced financial experts on board who can cater to all your needs. We make use of the latest accounting tools and technologies while delivering top-notch services to clients.

  • Oversee Financial aspects
  • Review historical accounting reports to help manage the business
  • Oversee Risk Management
  • Guide in capital expenditures and buying other businesses
  • Guide HR decisions revolving around payroll, benefits and other financial aspects
  • System Automation
  • Business Valuation

Outsourcing virtual CFO services to Syntelligence can give you access to a series of benefits that you can take advantage of. Some of the major factors for you to choose us as your virtual CFO service providing company are listed here –

  • Affordable Pricing Options
  • Data Security
  • Superior Quality Services
  • Skilled CFOs
  • Dedicated Manager
  • Scalable Services
  • Short Turnaround


Syntelligence provides Registered Investment Advisors and Financial Advisors a client centric ecosystem with multiple service verticals and best-in-class support backed by veteran staff of industry professionals. What sets our service experience apart is the real life experience of the senior staff who have walked along various stages of growth of the people they are now offering to help.

We understand and are proficient working in major technology stacks adopted by leading advisory firms and are comfortable transitioning/adopting them to achieve great efficiency for you.

Software capabilities

Sub Services:

Syntelligence Fintech is a bookkeeping service provider. We understand the ins and outs of the bookkeeping side of a financial advisory practice. We are mentored by a group of independent financial advisors and accountants so we know, first hand, how critical it is to have accurate financials to run a successful advisory practice.

Syntelligence’s team of experts offer a thorough and insightful lens into the regulatory and compliance requirements of the financial advisory industry. Syntelligence has a major leg up as we need no introduction to the financial advisory world—we live and breathe it.

A. Monthly Bookkeeping

The Monthly Bookkeeping service provides business owners with accurate month-end reconciled financials for management use and decisions. For new Monthly Bookkeeping clients, we will ensure we onboard them perfectly.

B. New Firm Setup
The New Firm Setup will get you set up with a QuickBooks online account and a proper chart of accounts that is customized to your financial advisory practice. Then we'll get all your financial accounts (Bank, Credit Card, Loans) into QuickBooks Online. We'll also layout ideas for questions like "What falls under Software & Technology Expenses" and "What should I classify as Meals & Entertainment vs "Advertising & Promotion?"

C. Additional Offerings

  • Year End Book Review
  • Book Clean up
  • Restructuring Books of Accounts

Great back-office support can help your business grow to the next level as it drives almost 50% of the total business operations. Along with front office support, back-office support is considered the backbone of the business as it is critical to every company. With Syntelligence, your business can expand its wings and give tough competition in the market. Once you have connected with us, you can focus on the core business activities peacefully and leave the non-core business concerns to us.

The operational side of your business can consume time and resources that pull you away from connecting with clients and building meaningful relationship. Working with Syntelligence means partnering with an experienced firm that has established industry leading practises to support your core operations.

Benefits include Specialized Expertise, Less Personnel Risk, Stronger Focus on Growth and Profitability and Opportunity to Scale your business.

Syntelligence team will assist you with a proactive approach to compliance by identifying the state of compliance in your financial institution and providing quality compliance advice.

  1. SEC Fillings (13F, 13G and 13H forms)
  2. Email Reviews
  3. Maintenance of client contracts
  4. Maintenance of policies and procedures
  5. Regulatory filings
  6. Due diligence
  7. Process certification – ISO

If you think compliance is expensive - try non compliance.

Accurate and dynamic data allows you to operate efficiently and confidently. On your behalf, an expert team automatically performs daily data aggregation and reconciliation to the security level. Extensive data comes from hundreds of sources such as direct custodian feeds, Data APIs, and third-party account aggregators. Our team is equipped handling the best portfolio accounting and performance reporting softwares in advisory space and help you keep your data seamless and current.

Here are a few examples of financial planning services that may be included when working with Syntelligence:

  • Advisory Fees

    Calculate flat, tiered, multi-period AUM fees. Bill in advance or in arrears, based on end of period or average daily balance. Easily set-up asset exclusions by household, account, asset class, and/or individual security.

  • Payment Files

    Create simple CSV/Excel files of your fees to upload to your custodian system and collect your fees in a snap. Syntelligence supports the file formats for many of the custodians in the industry, including Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Pershing, Goldman Sachs.

  • Customizable Invoices

    An integrated invoicing solution for producing one of your firm’s most important client-facing documents. Generate professional-looking invoices and fee statements with us, and never fret again about sending a lacklustre customer invoice.

  • Flexible Billing Setup and Templates

    Setup your firm to bill quarterly or monthly. Establish default billing rules at both firm and household level. Billing rules like advance vs arrears billing can be set at both levels. You can set whether billing on deposits and withdrawals applies to your entire firm or to a specific household. Also define default asset exclusions for households and optionally override them at the account level.

We provide support and assistance to develop brand identity, build brand image and make the digital presence of the company more impactful. The branding support service offers everything that is included with the basic branding package in the back office support service. We can assist you in areas of branding that you are looking for. We will come up with a theme for your business to give you a lasting presence with your clients. We work with the advisor to customize designs and deliver results based on the specifications and details given by the client.

Sub services
1. Website design 2. Logo creation 3. Brochures/cover sheet design
4. Company branded stationery 5. Poster/banner creation 6. Whitepaper creation
7. Templates    

We at Syntelligence have hands on experience working with leading CRM like Salesforce, Redtail Technology, WealthBox, Envestnet Tamarac, PractiFi. We walk side by side with you to help you get best results from your CRM – adopting automations, helping you create tailored communications, generate deep business insights on their clients and prospects, automate workflows, increase lead conversions, and increase profitability. Our Engagement managers have experience working with cross functional teams at any company ranging from technology team, sales team, back office, advisor facing, senior management. The ability to translate business expectations and set supporting systems in CRM can help make up the difference of how long the technology can bring efficiency in your company, giving financial advisors the power to do more for more clients.

CRM is a technology that grew from a purpose – “That clients should be at the centre of every business.” CRM platforms capture data from multiple systems to help businesses get a full 360-degree view of each and every client. The best CRM platforms leverage the cloud, allowing multiple users, teams, or departments to easily collaborate across any channel or device. Information is collected, analysed, and stored automatically, and can be accessed and updated in real time across all authorized users.

A CRM platform ensures that all advisors and client-servicing team members have access to the same vital information, including a client’s financial accounts, relationship networks, goals, and even any previous interactions. Our team can help manage following functionalities at your CRM:


Business owners put in considerable time and resources to create value for their business based on their goals and growth plans. The owners need to understand what is their business worth today and also what drives this value. An independent valuation carried out by a professional provides a reality check for owners with an unbiased opinion on the business value.

Areas of Valuation

Our business valuation team has worked closely in the valuation process undertaken for IRC 409A, ASC 718, gift and estate tax planning, management planning, sale and purchase of business among other valuation purposes.

We have experience in valuation of businesses belonging to varied sectors including technology startups, venture capital funds, real estate companies, manufacturers and distributors, IT services among others.

Valuation Tools

Our team is well versed with use of the following tools and databases for conducting the valuation process:

  • Standard & Poor’s Capital IQ
  • BVR’s DealStats (formerly Pratt’s Stats)
  • RMA University’s Industry based Financial Statement Studies
  • Minority Interest Discount Database by Partnership Profiles Inc.
  • Carta

Need for Business Valuation

The most straightforward answer is that valuation is needed for supporting compliance with business and tax laws. However, business valuation is actually performed for a myriad of reasons.

Economic Development

The increased need for business valuation also stems from economic development and globalization of the economy which is accompanied by flow of capital to large number of countries. Valuation becomes pivotal to the sale, mergers and acquisitions or creation of joint ventures and many other processes relating to enterprises.

Startup Valuation

Given the current global startup ecosystem, the need of financing is to be supported by reasonable valuation techniques to persuade venture capital investors. Valuation of startups especially early-stage companies with little and no significant assets are driven based on the valuation proposition of the startup, profile of the founders and their ultimate vision. Translating this proposition to reasonable indication of valuation and exit multiples for the investors is a key function of the business valuation process.

Strategic Decision Making

The overall objective of business valuation is also to facilitate strategic decision-making in terms of management efficiency, ownership changes, investment and financing requirements among others. The entire valuation process can provide an overview of strengths and weaknesses of the business.


Moreover, a formal business valuation can help to reconcile differences in perceived opinions of value coupled with a detailed economic and industry analysis to understand the value drivers.

Valuation Purposes

Key consideration for the business valuation process is the purpose and objective of the valuation. Following are some of the most common purposes of valuation:

  • Sales, mergers & acquisitions
  • Succession planning
  • Estate and Gift Tax
  • Shareholder & partnership buyouts/disputes
  • Allocation of purchase price for tax and financial reporting
  • Marital dissolution
  • Secure Financing
  • ESOP Valuation

Process for Business Valuation Support Services

Financial Planning

For most of our advisory clients, financial planning has been at the heart of their offering because it helps clients to see where they are, where they want to go, and how to get there. At Syntelligence, we have experience working on 1,000 plus financial plans - both basic and advance spanning all life stages of client. We have experience working with clients' own templates as well as leading Financial Planning softwares in the industry. Softwares competancy: Moneyguidepro, EMoney, RightCapital, Orion Financial Planning.

Software capabilities

Sub Services:

Gaining valuable Time for revenue generation

Running a financial advisory practice is hectic. Between prospecting, writing financial plans, managing portfolios, and marketing, there’s little time or energy left for routine, yet important, administrative tasks. Team Syntelligence can access your client data and set them up in software/model of your choice and advisors can take a high-road and start planning right away.

Reducing your data entry cost by 80% to 60%.

Engaging Syntelligence for Basic plan setup will help you utilize your time and resources to meet more people who many need your help, manage more portfolios and plans and spend more time with existing clients.

Building a scalable-efficient practice

You provide the documents, and we’ll handle the rest. We’re experts in all the leading industry platform so we’re able to quickly and accurately input simple to complex client cases. Our highly skilled specialists enter your client data in a secure work environment ensuring client information is protected and confidential.

For an Advisor, a financial plan acts as a communication that demonstrates a holistic understanding of a client’s finances, desired objectives, and assumptions to convey an analysis of future outcomes on one or more financial topics and may include possible recommendations. As client preferences and expectations evolve, they will seek relationships with advisors who can help them connect achieving financial goals to achieving satisfaction in other aspects of their lives as well. Advisors will be expected to consider the big picture and embrace a relationship-first, holistic approach to planning.

Currently our team of content, finance and design folks can help put together a compelling plan which is powerful yet beautiful. Please note that team Syntelligence will syntesize and filter the findings and always depend on planner for a final recommendation.


Data Audits and Business Intelligence from Syntelligence Fintech helps clients organize and manage data from disintegrated sources into a single source of truth. It enables corporations worldwide to harness the power of data for strategic and business decisions.

Syntelligence Fintech has proven expertise with wide ranging tools and technologies to help organizations in data preparation and data analysis. Almost all of the business processes, such as product upgrade to migration to newer technologies, and business or regulatory reports, require intensive data management capabilities. Syntelligence Fintech aims to create reusable assets and frameworks to help reduce overall development time and cost.

If you face any of these challenges, we are here to help you:

  • Helps in preparing management reports and decisions as the data is disintegrated and scattered across multiple sources
  • Linking your customer across all the products
  • You spend a huge amount of time and effort on manual data collection, cleansing and reporting, but even then, reconciliations remain painful
  • It takes forever to pull your operational reports
  • Your business intelligence tool never remains up to date and works like just another operational reporting tool
  • Need actionable business intelligence reports, not a plain data dump
  • After buying a new product, preparing data for its successful implementation

1. Data Audit

Data Audit helps you to transform data into critical business insights. With capabilities in leading business intelligence solutions, passionate technologists at Syntelligence Fintech can help you harness the real value of your data.

We offer:

  • End-to-end capability in providing data and business intelligence solutions – consulting, development and support
  • Data migration from legacy systems, including complex data structure and large volume handling
  • Data management services – data quality enrichment, data integration and consolidation, consulting on data quality and governance
  • Reporting and data analysis services
  • Competitive advantage through defined development methodology and reusable assets and framework
  • Productized data integration services for Syntelligence Fintech products. These offerings are:
    • Data management
    • Data migration
    • Data integration
    • Data consulting
  • Customized solutions based on the customer requirement

2. Data Quality

A data quality audit is the process where an organisation examines its data for accuracy, completeness and consistency of formatting. The aim of our data quality audit team is to improve the quality of the data by spotting and filling gaps, identifying and fixing mistakes and weeding out duplicate records.

Auditing and assessing data help to make smarter business decisions based on facts, not instinct, win new customers and reduce risk.

We offer:

  • Identify mistakes: Check how trustworthy your data is and spot problems before they impact your business
  • Standardise: The formatted data can be used to make it consistent for the organization
  • Understand better: Learn about your customers from all angles and turn raw data into smart business decisions for the customers
  • Seize opportunities: Turn raw numbers into practical information to make profitable business decisions